My husband and I had the opportunity to visit our old language teacher at her summer home for two days.  I noticed that she definitely acted as a person of peace for me over the weekend as she kind of protected me multiple times – from Turkish coffee fortune telling and questions about horoscopes – telling the other women, “she doesn’t believe in that/do that.”  I would have hoped to be able to state my beliefs about those things when the situation arose, but it was really cool for the cultural pressure to be taken off of me by her saying it instead.  Also, when we got into a conversation about baptism and salvation, she clarified to them how we don’t baptize babies, only after we have believed.  She then proceeded to ask me in front of them how old I was when I was baptized.  It was so encouraging for me to hear her retell things we have explained to her before, as it confirmed to me that she was always listening and understanding most of the things we have taught her.  Please pray for the salvation of her and her family.


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