We arrived at our local fellowship this Sunday morning thinking it would be an ordinary day of worship with local believers. (We had been out of town for a couple of weeks  attending some conferences.)

When we entered the church building we knew something was different. The pastor was standing near the entrance and gave a noticeably strange look. The normal fellowship was not there but the church building was full. The pastor greeted us and excitedly shared with us why everything was different this Sunday. 

Our local fellowship was hosting a group of believing refugees (all of whom are Kurdish and all of whom came out of the predominant religion here) who live in a local refugee camp. They came to worship, pray, and do Bible studies together. They were only speaking Arabic and Kurdish, so we were not able to participate, but we did pray with the pastor and some other local believers before we left. 

Prayer requests:

  • Praise that God is doing such a great work bringing people to know Him out of this war torn country. 
  • Pray that these new believers would be able to continue to grow in their knowledge of the Word and in their relationship with the Father.
  • Pray that these Syrian-Kurdish believers would openly share their faith with Turkish Kurds. 
  • Pray that our local team would be able to encourage, support, and partner with local fellowships like this one that are reaching out to Kurds from all countries. 


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