A friend and I recently hosted a ladies’ tea for the ladies on our street after going door-to-door to issue invites. Not knowing what to expect, we were thrilled with the turnout! We had about fourteen local ladies and their teenage daughters come over, as well as many children running around. We were able to visit and get to know these ladies a little better.

While my very dear neighbor was sitting on a cushion on the ground talking with two other ladies around her age, they saw an elderly next door neighbor walk in.  All three ladies stood up to greet her and didn’t sit down until after she sat down. These ladies are the matriarchs of our neighborhood, and they came to our tea! The older matriarch even brought her sister-in-law! One set of visitors was a lady and her thirty-year-old daughter as well as her husband’s second wife and the second wife’s two-year-old daughter. We sat around the room and chatted.  It was such a nice evening.

I wish I could tell you that the conversation turned to God and that many of them asked questions, but that isn’t the case.  When I did mention God to one lady, she couldn’t understand me.  When I mentioned Jesus, she didn’t understand his name either.  I know we say this every chance we get, but it is crucial that we learn this language…and we are trying.

Please pray that from our ladies’ evening we will be invited into these ladies’ homes and be able to speak with them about our True Love… our True Passion.  Please pray for our language learning…that we will retain the words that we study… that we wouldn’t be completely exhausted after our language class.  Pray for endurance.  Pray for relationships…not for the sake of relationships, but for the sake of the gospel.



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