My heart is still full by what the Father did at our center’s Thanksgiving celebration.  We had approximately 70 ladies and children, and around 10-12 men.  One of the things we were most thrilled with is that we had 8 local believing ladies and 2 local believing men come to share in this celebration with us.  We have always wanted our local brothers and sisters to come and serve alongside of us at the center, but it never seemed to work out as well as it did on Friday.  These brothers and sisters came with intentionality to share the gospel, and the Truth was certainly proclaimed boldly!
The ladies shared the Thanksgiving story with spiritual truths and one of our Kurdish sisters shared the gospel from “Creation to Christ.”  As the story was being shared, one of my friends leaned over to me and asked if these ladies were Turks or Kurds… were they Muslim?  “How could they possibly be followers of Jesus if they were born and raised here in Turkey?” she wondered.  How exciting it was to be able to share that they were born here and they were raised here, yet they encountered the truth of Christ and chose to become followers.  It was like a light bulb came on in her mind that people in this country can choose to believe another way other than Islam.  I trust that was another step in her coming closer to trust Jesus as her Savior.  What a joy it was to see our friends react to the joy that these believers from their own people group now have in following Christ.
Upstairs the guys also had a great time of sharing.  One of the pastors of a local fellowship came and shared for two solid hours with the men.  Afterwards a couple of them followed up in more conversation with the pastor.
Please pray for good, effective follow-up with those who attended, and also pray for more joint service opportunities with our local brothers and sisters.  What a beautiful picture of the Body of Christ!


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