That a Solider Would Remain Faithful

May 7

Please pray for one of our local brothers who will leave this Sunday to do his military service. He will be gone for a little over five months. Pray for him to be a light to his fellow soldiers and for him to stay faithful to Christ during his time away. May the Lord be near to him, guard his heart against any temptations, and protect him from our adversary!

This week we have our Kurdish team retreat. Please pray that we may we honor Christ together in our work as a team.

Please pray for our local fellowship, especially for Pastor Hasan and Brothers Cemal and Hakan. Pray for unity among them, for strength to serve the fellowship and the community, and for the ability to provide for their families and be shepherds in their homes. Pray for growth in godliness among all of the members and for the church’s individual and congregational financial needs to be provided for.

Please pray for our involvement with our local fellowship, that our language would improve so that we can engage more with those who attend and with the message preached each week. Particularly, please pray that we can build relationships with the Kurds who attend, especially the women, as few of them speak Turkish. Ask that we will be able to encourage the believers and build them up in their faith.

Please pray for wisdom for our family, as we have many opportunities to engage with Kurdish refugees attending our church services, but this is a politically delicate situation in our area.


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