That Local Believers Take the Next Step

June 17

  • We recently had a 20-year-old lady profess faith in Jesus Christ. She is the roommate of another young believer who is a part of our church but comes from a religious family. After a number of conversations with her believing roommate, she decided she wanted to come to a church service. After coming a few times, she said she wanted to follow Jesus! Pray for Elif* to grow in her faith, get plugged into our fellowship, and tell her friends and family about her decision. May we care for her well.
  • We may have a baptism at the end of the month for another lady who professed faith in Christ a few months ago. She is the wife of a member of our church and has been working through some discipleship and baptism lessons. If she can finish them, she will be baptized in the near future. Please pray for her.
  • Our fellowship is praying for a local brother to become an elder and a key leader in the church. Please pray the Lord will provide the right man to either be raised up or move to our city for this purpose.
  • We have had a number of guests at church services over the past few weeks and met with a number of unbelievers outside of church activities. Please pray for us to have wisdom and boldness in sharing the gospel and for the Lord to open up many hearts to Him. Pray specifically for Omer*, Ozgur*, Fatma*, Ahmet*, and Onur* to trust in Christ.
  • Pray for us to use wisdom in adding new teammates, as we are currently talking with a family considering moving to our city to join us.

*NOTE: Names changed for security reasons.


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