That Ministry During Quarantine Would Be Fruitful

March 30

Please pray for Bob* to continue to read God’s Word and to surrender his life to Jesus Christ. (See today’s story for more information.)

Additional Prayer Requests from Field Personnel:

  • Wisdom for parents who are either doing online or homeschooling with their kids. Please also pray for joy, patience, and perseverance for families.
  • Wisdom for how to disciple young believers while apart (Praise God for Zoom, WhatsApp, etc.).
  • That the Lord would use this time to draw people to himself and cause people to consider Jesus. Specifically, we have outreach over social media where folks request New Testaments, and we follow up with them. With the extra time on their hands, pray for Kurds to read the Word, search for and find truth, and interact with our teams trying to reach them.
  • Specifically, our team has an outreach Bible study with a couple of professing believers and some who are interested in studying the Word. This group was coalescing, and we hoped it was closer to becoming a healthy church. Pray we would trust that God has a sovereign purpose for this group of people.
  • For our language learners to not be discouraged. It is difficult to learn a language without time in the community. Books and programs only help people to a certain extent.

*NOTE: Name changed for security reasons.


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