That Outreach at a Local Festival Would Be Fruitful

April 1

The teenage son of one of our closest friends in eastern Turkey has professed faith in Jesus Christ and is planning to be baptized in May. Praise the Lord!

Please pray for two college students (see today’s story) who recently heard the gospel. May they seek God through His Word, place their faith in Jesus Christ and be disciples who make disciples!

The women in our church are organizing an outreach for an annual local festival this coming Saturday. Thousands of people attend each year, so it is a great opportunity. The plan is for them to share the story of the Prodigal Son (connecting it clearly to the gospel), as they draw a henna design on the guest’s hand. Some of the women in our church have experience sharing in this way and find it to be a powerful way to proclaim the gospel. Please pray for these women to have wisdom and boldness on the April 6, for there to be no issues with the event organizers (we requested, and were granted permission to have a stand), and for many women to hear the gospel and trust in Christ!


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