That There Would Be Spiritual Fruit among the Kurds

July 20

–Please pray for spiritual fruit among Kurdish speakers across the globe. The pastor of a Kurdish church and his wife have been working on developing Kurdish-language videos for YouTube to give believers basic information about each book of the Bible (author, themes, etc.) to help them read and understand God’s Word well.

–Around 75% of the population receives a monthly check from the government, but the government is broke and cannot pay. The COVID-19 pandemic grows worse everyday.  Revenue from oil production has plummeted.  Daytime temperatures are well into the 100s. The news is full of desperate situations across the region. The people as a whole are hopeless, as the current crisis continues. Will you pray for opportunities for believers to share about the One True Hope? Pray for the Holy Spirit to draw those searching for hope to people and places where they can learn more about the gospel. Pray that in the midst of hopelessness, God will grow His church.

–It is the middle of chilê haveen, which could be translated something like “the hottest forty days of summer.” People are seething under the summer heat and under the financially dire times of Corona and a failing economy. But, there is one hope filled meeting that has been taking place every week… A small group of brothers in a Kurdish city has been meeting to study the Word, pray, and sing together. Many of them are also facing the realities of unemployment and financial uncertainty. Will you please pray that their faith soars as they remember that nothing can separate them from the love of God in Christ Jesus? Pray that they trust Him to provide their daily bread. Please also pray that their faith spreads to their families and beyond. 


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