That Those Who Heard Would Love the Gospel

May 20

Please pray for the handful of people who have said they will come to our church’s worship service, including Simge, Lulu, and Aysu. Pray also for these by name who specifically asked for prayer: Dilan, Buse, Öykü, Nimet, Ayşe, Burçin, Yeşim, Filiz, Songül, Burçin, Sıdıka, Aslı, Tuğçe, Anıl, Buket, Hatice, Seyha and Zehra. Please pray also for the individuals whose booths were next to ours, and so with whom we were able to have a lot of interaction all day. (See today’s story for more information.) They were watching us and seemed very impacted, especially an 18-year-old boy who wanted to hang around us all afternoon.


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