Recently, we had some new friends over for dinner.  While I was cleaning up the dishes from the table, the wife had come into the kitchen with me.  She began talking to our 7 year-old son, and he said he wanted to show her our Bible verses.  I write the verse that we’re learning on the window in the kitchen with “window crayons,” and our son has really taken to learning them and even trying to read the Turkish one.  So he asked her to come look and asked if she could read it.  She began with the English verse because it’s on top… “Again Jesus spoke to them saying, I am the Light of the World…”  she stopped suddenly and looked at him and said, “Wow!  I have goose bumps!”  She finished reading the rest of the verse, and then he asked her if he could read the Turkish one to her.  He did and she helped him along, but he was really proud of himself that he read to her.  I, of course, was proud of him too, for sharing what he was learning.  But the woman was extremely impressed and said repeatedly how beautiful and amazing the verse was.  My intention in putting up the verse is really for our family, but it’s “cool” how God can use even that, and my little guy, to share His truth! Pray that the truth would plant and grow in her heart!


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