I was able to visit a cemevi (an Alevi Muslim house of worship) with 3 K friends. One friend was Alevi but the other two had never been to a cemevi before. Our Alevi friend, “Hank,” was delighted to show us around, including their worship room, pictures of their prophets, and their dining room, where they were giving away free meals. This time of year is special for them because they celebrate all the prophets by handing out aşure (an oatmeal type food full of fruit, nuts, and beans).

Afterwards, we headed to a tea garden and drank some tea together. I read Acts 10:43 to them and asked what they thought. They said they didn’t believe it, but it was nice to hear. I told them how every prophet points to Jesus and then was able to connect aşure to the story of Noah. I summarized the story and showed how it points to Jesus. They then asked how we could believe Jesus was both man and God. I summarized parts of Hebrews that talk about the necessity of Jesus being both man and God to be our bridge to the Holy God. Then, we got into a discussion about the New Testament being changed and how we believe in the Torah and the Psalms as well. Thankfully, overall, Hank and my other friends seem to have a better understand of the good news and the Word of God as a result. Please pray for them.


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