“N” is a Kurd from Syria.  He has known Christians for 25 years, and he has always been impressed by their love for people and service.  During the current war in Syria, he was captured by three different rebel groups and tortured but never killed, though they threatened it.  He was shot with a shotgun when he was trapped in the middle of a firefight. 

A Kurdish evangelist in Turkey was able to share his testimony, the gospel, and that prophets will be known by their fruits.  A worker from the US also explained why he loved the Kurdish people and wanted to serve them and share the good news with them.  N was given a New Testament, but has now moved on to Greece.  However, Christian workers have made a good connection with his friend, to whom they gave 5 New Testaments’s for him and his neighbors.

Please pray for “N,” that he would believe in this good news and that God would use him to reach other Kurdish refugees around him!


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