Many Kurds in our city in western Turkey have come from the eastern part of the country because jobs are more prevalent here and the economy is better. However, if they are not very educated, or if they are “too Kurdish” for the tastes of those in the big cities, it can be hard for them to find jobs.
One such example is my friend “Fred.” He is 18 years old and came from the east to find work. He managed to find a job as an “eskici,” a trash man who digs through the garbage finding things he can recycle. He told me that he comes through my neighborhood a lot looking for items. I was able to talk to him about his hometown and his love for basketball.
I gave Fred a Kurdish audio recording of the New Testament last time I saw him, so he knows my faith. We talked about the books and whether or not the Bible has been changed (a common objection Muslims here make about the Bible). I quoted Romans 3:20-21 to him. I was also able to share the gospel. A couple weeks later I gave Fred two history books, and we talked about his life and his schooling. Then we talked about the gospel and how we cannot be holy before God on our own. He mentioned he had previously read in the New Testament about plucking your eye out if it causes you to sin. This gave me an opportunity to talk about how Jesus felt about sin. Fred is pretty combative, but we have a good relationship. I gave him a bookmark advertising an evangelistic website in Kurdish.
Please pray for *Fred, that the Holy Spirit would overcome his defensive walls and bring him into His kingdom!


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