A couple of weeks ago, “Z,” a Kurd from Batman, Turkey, visited a community center in Istanbul. It just so happened that shortly after he came in, a Kurd from Diyarbakır also entered the center and sat down next to Z. They had never met but realized, after talking, that their families in their homeland were very close friends. They might have even been distantly related. After some initial chit-chatting, a believer who was also present had a really good gospel conversation with the two of them. The man from Diyarbakır was making claims that the New Testament had been changed, at which the believer said he should read it and see for himself that it was God’s Word. He gladly received a NT and Jesus Film as gifts, since he had never read the Word of God before and agreed to do so after being challenged. In addition, Z continues to stop by the community center regularly to keep up the friendship with the believer.


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