I emailed a new contact this month to see if he had received the New Testament that he had requested.  “M” called me back the same day to tell me that he had not received it, and that he wanted to meet me as soon as possible.  I was honestly a bit concerned by his excitement, but we set up a time to meet at a local park.  I took a New Testament along with a book that counters some of the basic objections to Christianity and defends the reliability of the Scriptures.  When we met, M introduced himself as married with three children.  Three or four years prior, his wife had been given a New Testament by some “tourists” visiting the city.  Since that time, they have been very curious about Christianity.  In fact, M said that he had been meeting occasionally with a few other local men to read and discuss the Bible.  However, two months ago he lost his copy of the New Testament, so he had requested a new one online.  That’s how I received his contact information.  M says he has lots of questions about the reliability of the New Testament and the message it is trying to communicate.  He says he wants to introduce me to his group of friends who have also been reading and discussing the Scriptures.

Please pray that we will be able to meet to discuss the Scriptures, and that the Lord would open their eyes, minds and hearts to understand and then believe the message of the gospel!


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