The unbelieving ladies in our Bible study group have started praying in the name of Jesus specifically for things that they need or desire.  One specific prayer request has been that their husbands start joining them for worship with the church, and recently, two of the husbands joined them! They were able to directly connect this to the Lord answering their prayers.

Another specific prayer request came when the nieces of two of our Bible Study ladies were kidnapped several months ago and held for a ransom that the family could not pay. The ladies prayed for months and genuinely believed that God would rescue them. They received word that the girls are now in the same prison as their father (who was also taken at a separate time), but they are no longer in immediate danger. The ladies in our group said, “We knew God would rescue them, but because He made sure they were with their father, this is how we know it was God at work.” Praise the Lord!


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