In a break during a recent class, my student confessed to me that he hates life. He lives here as a refugee, having come from a nearby country torn apart by war. Growing up in a very poor family, his father worked hard day and night and he encouraged his children to get a good education. While pursuing his college education, *Michael was forced to evacuate his home. He has lived here for more than a year and has struggled to find his way. He has not been able to continue his education. His neighbors shun him and his family.

He shared that he has many questions about God and for God. He wants to know why God needs him to pray and why evil people succeed. He finds no reason to live and admitted that he wants the day to hurry so he can go to sleep at night. It would surprise you to know this if you met Michael. He is kind and gentle and smiles often. When asked about this, he said it’s a mask to cover his feelings; which he doesn’t share with anyone, including his family. He finds life to be miserable and hopeless, and he confessed to having many thoughts of suicide.

Please pray that the truth that was shared with him during this conversation will penetrate his heart. Plead with me on behalf of Michael, that he would know hope that is found only in Christ. Pray for dreams and visions of Christ for Michael.


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