We love life in our city.  The people here are very modern and open-minded. However, sometimes, it is almost their “open-ness” that makes it so difficult for them to receive the good news! Their “open-ness” has become a sort of antidote to all the religion they see all around them in the national religion (the ubiquitous prayer beads, call of prayer 5 times a day bellowing from the local mosques, the endless list of “do’s” and “don’ts”). We have had opportunities to share with a few friends that our “religion” is not really a religion at all, but a relationship with the One True God through His Son, Jesus.  We have had friends just stare blankly at that description and some that simply smile and one friend said back, “Well, I don’t believe there is a truth, just everybody has to figure it out for themselves.”

Please pray for this modern, “open” generation to open their hearts to our Loving Father and receive His gift of salvation!!


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