I went with a friend in Turkey who teaches English classes to participate with his class.  The lesson went on for a while with the students (7 Muslim men counting my friend the teacher) asking me questions in English.  Then one of the men asked what my religion was.  I said that I was a follower of Jesus and he responded that we all were.  This turned into a long discussion about the differences and similarities between Muslims and Christians.  I had the opportunity to give a detailed presentation of the Gospel.  Most of it was through my friend who was translating but I did have the opportunity to share.  Every time someone would change the subject a little, someone else would bring it right back to the Gospel.  The best part was when I had a chance to talk about the Truth of the Gospel and they spent several minutes as a group trying to figure out how their beliefs countered what followers of Christ believe to be Truth.  They never came up with anything.


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