A few weeks ago, I was praying specifically that God would lead us to new people in the city that were seeking him.  I was convinced that there must be people in my town who are seeking truth and searching the scriptures.  We just haven’t met them yet.  Either that, or they don’t know we are here.

Out of the blue one day, I received a call from a church in the capital.  They said that a woman in my town had contacted them via their website to tell them that she had come to faith in Christ.  In turn they contacted some friends and learned of my phone number.   They then called me to get permission to share my contact information with this lady.  Soon thereafter she called me, so my wife and I set up a meeting with her.  When we met at a nearby mall, we were very surprised to find out that “M” was a young 17 year-old.  Her parents were divorced when she was 5.  After that, her mother began dating a man who later became a Christian and moved away.  Even though they separated, she was apparently affected by this man.  She became curious about Christianity and began reading and studying online.  One month ago she says that she finally came to believe the gospel.  By her testimony, she seems to know the Bible.  She also seems very genuine.  Since she is so young, my wife is meeting with her but is also careful not to overstep her bounds.  We are hoping to meet M’s mother soon and develop the relationship.  Ultimately we would like to see her mother come to faith, but at least we would like to receive her permission to meet with M to study the Bible.

Please pray that we would indeed get her mother’s permission, and that M would go deep in the Word and with Christ.


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