Beggars come to my door constantly. Sometimes, I am able to get to know their stories and their needs. This month, a woman with two kids came to my door. She had previously gone to my friend’s door, so I remembered hearing about her. We gave her some food and clothes for the kids and asked her to come back the following week during my language class for me to record her story. She came, and I fed her and her kids, gave her more clothes and hand-me-downs, and provided her a NT after recording her story. Later, a teammate and I as well as a local couple visited her unannounced at her home to try and assess the truth to her story. She had then gotten word that her husband, who had left her for another woman, was going to return her son to her. I told her my home was always open to her. A day or so later, she showed up saying she was short of her rent for the month. We talked with her more about a long-term solution for her situation and I was able to share more of the gospel with her. She said she had read in the NT I had given her and from the first page knew this to be true and better but said it was for people like me not her. My friend “Rose,” who was here at the time, then launched in to her testimony because she was a local like our visitor. She shared how the gospel had transformed her. I told her to begin reading in John and we invited her to our weekly ladies Bible study as well as our Sunday gatherings. She asked if Rose would read some of John to her right then. Having the needy into my home is often painful because I want to do more and don’t always know how. I want to fix everything, but, of course, I can’t. However, I pray that this day this woman left more loved and cared for than she has before and with some Truth to chew on even when the food runs out.


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