I’ve been a bit disappointed this past half-year that I haven’t been able to get to know my neighbors in Turkey on a deeper level.  Everyone seems so busy, and our schedules never to seem to synch up.  However, I was recently able to pray with and encourage the neighbor across the hall from me.  She and I were leaving at the same time one day, and I noticed she was crying, and so I asked if she was okay and how I could help her.  She was upset about her relationship with her husband and said he wanted to leave her.  I was able to hold her and pray with her as she cried and I shared how much God loved her and gave Jesus for her so she could have a relationship with God, whose love is unconditional.  I also gave her a packet with a New Testament, Mary Magdalena DVD, and a booklet on God’s love.  She accepted it and thanked me and went back to her apartment.
She came back about 5 minutes later and returned the packet and said she didn’t need it; just to know that I cared and prayed for her was enough she said.  While I’m sorry it had to be my neighbor’s suffering that opened up a door for me to share with her, I’m thankful she was able to hear Truth.
Please pray for “N,” that she would come to see her need for God and that He alone can give her the kind of love she is seeking.


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