Natural gas is being installed in our building, so now each apartment unit is having the pipes installed in each home. This month we have had construction in our apartment more days than not. It has been hard for our daughter to sleepl because of all the drilling, sawing, and workers yelling from one apartment to the next.

However, one good thing that has come about from all this construction is that many of our neighbors have come and visited our home. They were eager to see what the pipes would look like and what all had to be changed in each room because of the natural gas being installed. (I think they also wanted to see what all the foreigners had in their house as well.) It served as ideal opportunities for us to show kindness to our neighbors, invite them in, serve them tea, and get to know them better. While the construction has been less than pleasant, we are thankful for the opportunities it has allowed us to share with construction workers, landlords, and neighbors. Please pray that these first steps at being accepted into our community would result in our being able to share the Gospel with them!


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