Last year, I met two women from eastern Turkey who lived in my apartment complex. I visited them but didn’t feel like they really liked me because they didn’t even offer me tea. Then, they recently showed up at my door. I invited them in for tea, and they came, and they also brought a friend.

The first question they asked me when we sat down to drink tea was, “Do you have a New Testament?” I showed them the full Bible and then asked if I could practice the story I was working on for my Spiritual Turkish class. They agreed and so I shared Creation to Christ with them! It was so cool! Later, I brought them a Kurdish Bible and another New Testament. They spent the rest of our time reading to each other from the books. One lady turned right to the resurrection of Christ and read the passage to herself. Another girl took all of my notes, read them, and then explained in better Turkish about Jesus’s death on the cross and how he was the sacrificial lamb that takes our sins away. I was just in awe the whole time.


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