Tonight I was visiting with three of my closest friends, two of whom I know to be Kurdish, while our kids were at their sporting practice.  One friend recently traveled to a European country where she saw many statues of Jesus, churches and art that told of our faith. She said she was confused and immediately thought of me and that I could explain everything to her.  So in front of our friends tonight she said, “Can you please tell me what you believe about Jesus?” WOW! Never expected that, especially from this particular friend.  

I shared who we believe He is, why He came, how he came, why He died, how He was raised from the dead and how He is now sitting at the right hand of the Father praying for us and that one day He will return.  I shared about the story of the women who was healed after 12 years of bleeding just because she had faith in Him.  My friend asked if we believed bad people can go to heaven and so I shared about the men on the cross, and how one criminal believed on his last day and Jesus said “Today you shall be with me in paradise”, explaining how none of us can be good enough to go to heaven, there isn’t a point system, we are only saved by the blood of Jesus who cleanses us, our belief in Him is what saves us, then He changes our heart and makes us more like Him. We still sin but when we sin the spirit makes us hurt and repent and ask for forgiveness.  The more we become like him the more we realize how impure we are and how sinful we truly are.  I told of His return and how all people must hear so they are without excuse. I also explained the need for everyone to read and decide for themselves what they will belief, that all roads don’t lead to the same place…

One woman had tears in her eyes as she listened, her father is currently on his death bed being kept alive by machines.  The woman who asked the question spoke to our other friends and said “Look, how beautiful,” and following that referenced that they have a point system, that it doesn’t all hinge on faith alone. The crying woman said, “our people (muslims) pray one minute and gossip the next”.    I told them if they wanted to read my book that it was in their language and I would give it to them.  

Please Pray: 

  • That this seed would not be snatched away but instead their interest would grow. 
  • That they would desire a copy of the Word and read it
  • That they would have dreams of Jesus where He confirms who He IS.
  • Of the two who have husbands, that their husbands too would desire to learn the Truth and have dreams.
  • For more opportunities to teach them Truth.
  • For my language growth as I share with them.


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