A few weeks ago, a local delivery man met our daughter for the first time and asked where she was from. I explained that we adopted her from Ethiopia. He asked, “Oh, so will she be a Muslim then?” I said that every person has to decide for herself what she believes, so it doesn’t matter where she is from. He then told me what a “great work” we had done in adopting, as this will gain us much favor before God. I immediately contradicted this claim, saying there is nothing we can do that is “good,” but that we are all sinners and need a Savior. This opened a wide door for sharing the gospel with him. We only got to talk for about five minutes because he had to get back to work, but it was an open door for sharing that God clearly opened, as I had no intention to talk with him about anything, let alone share the gospel.

Then the man came back a few days later, and he brought up the issue again, so I was able to share some more with him. God is good! We had given him a New Testament and Jesus Film for Christmas a year ago, so I pray he reads that and is convicted to seek the Truth.


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