A recently-engaged couple came to us for some pre-marital counseling. They are both believers, are very humble, and have a thirst to learn about how they can be holy not only individually but as a couple. It was so incredibly encouraging to see them share openly about their faults, their strengths, their expectations, etc., but more importantly, their openness and desire to be the best picture of Christ and His church when they get married this year.

This is the second Christian couple with whom we have been able to do some sort of pre-martial counseling. We can see God moving among the Kurds, not only because many are believing in Him but because we see these believing couples seeking for their children and their children’s children to walk in the ways of the Lord through their example of what God made marriage to truly look like. Of course, discipleship is messy, but at the same time, it is so beautiful to see what the future could hold for each of these believing families. Praise the Lord!


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