A young foreign couple in Turkey was learning Turkish from a language helper called “Ernie.” Since Ernie was preparing to go off to the military soon and their lessons with him were winding down, they decided it was time to make sure that he understood that faith in Christ was the most important thing in life to them. They explained the gospel message to him again and shared that it was their prayer that he come to believe as they did. Ernie claimed that he was “not a very good Muslim” and just respected all religions. He said that he also had a lot of questions in his head and felt a little confused because everyone thought their own religion was right. Finally, he said, “I have one question though. If you believe that everyone who doesn’t hear about and follow Jesus goes to hell, what about the person in the jungles of Africa that is never told this message?” The Christian couple told him that this was one of the most difficult questions and the reason why they worked so hard to share the message with everyone in the world – because that person is guilty and lost without placing their faith in Jesus. Please pray that through this conversation God speaks to Ernie’s heart, especially as he is away from home for his military service.


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