Recently, I was able to spend about six hours with a Muslim friend.  From the beginning, I turned the conversation to spiritual matters as I asked about the upcoming Islamic feast.  Throughout the night, this conversation continued.  At one point, he asked me what I liked to read, so I told him I read through God’s Word every year.  “Just once?” he asked.  “Matthew, Mark, Luke and John?”  I told him there were many more books than the gospel accounts, and the Lord opened up a door with my friend’s follow up question, “What do the other books say?”  I couldn’t contain my smile.

I proceeded to walk him through creation to Christ.  After some stories from the Gospels I asked him, “Who do you say that Jesus is?”  He replied that he was definitely a prophet, but he wasn’t sure yet if he was more than that.  “I need more information before I can say he is God’s Son.”  Pray that the Lord would open this man’s heart and bring him into the Kingdom.


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