An expat family in Istanbul recently had their home broken into.  The wife decided that she needed to prepare a testimony of God’s faithfulness and provision throughout the experience.  Immediately after the break-in, she had shared with her friends about her treasure being in heaven, not on earth where moth and rust destroy and thieves steal.  However, she wanted to be ready to share more about her treasure that is in heaven.  So, she wrote out her testimony in Turkish and carried it with her.

About 10 days after the break-in, she was having tea with some local friends and they started talking about the break-in.  The expat pulled out her paper and read Psalm 23 to her friends and told them how this verse was true and had brought her comfort.  No one showed any type of response at the time, but later one lady told the expat how great the verses were that she had read.  They then proceeded to talk about how she can only trust in God to protect her.

Pray that this lady would respond to this God who is the best treasure! 


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