A Kurdish woman called “Rose” has been visiting our community center for several months and has made friends with many of the ladies who serve there.  Her husband is a middle-aged disabled man who gets around via a wheelchair.  Recently, they came across a free electronic wheelchair through family and friends, but it was on the other side of the huge metropolis from where they lived.  Rose asked one the ladies at the center who resides on the other side of the city if she could pick it up for her, and she did and brought it to the community center.  Then, a few American volunteers and I took the wheelchair to Rose’s house and carried it upstairs for her husband.

Of course, they invited us in for some coffee and cookies, and we couldn’t refuse.  While spending a couple hours with them, we had a great discussion about the gospel, which came up through some political topics that they started.  Rose has already been reading the New Testament some, and I pray she continues to do so.  The ladies at the community center have developed a great relationship with her.  Pray that her whole family will hunger for the Truth and see their need for Christ.


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