“Ira” is a Kurd from Siirt who lives in Istanbul.  He received a Bible from a Christian a few months back and is reading it but has many questions.  Actually, he has 5 questions for every sentence he reads!   More recently, he had an opportunity to listen to some Christian praise and worship music in Kurdish.  It was shocking to him that it even existed, and he loved it!  Now, he is meeting with Christian friends and asking questions about their faith.  “Don’t get me wrong,” he says.  “I am a Muslim, praise God.  But there is one question that I just can’t wrap my head around: If Christianity is WRONG and Islam is RIGHT, then why are there so many Muslims whose practice is messed up and yet your practices are so good?!”  He truly seems baffled and intrigued by this.  Please pray that Ira will continue to see the good works of believers and praise their Father in heaven.  Ask the Lord to show Ira that only He can remove hearts of stone and replace them with hearts of flesh that are able to obey God.


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