I was able to give a Bible to a girl named “E.”  She texted me a few days later saying that she was reading it, had questions, and would like to meet.  I met with her to try to answer her questions, but she had so many, the best I could do was a brief belief overview study (God’s saving way), encourage her to keep reading, and recommend some other resources (websites, films, etc.).  She even agreed to visit a local women’s Bible study with me where she was able to speak with local believers.  They shared with her the four spiritual laws and said that before they try to answer all of her questions she should read the Bible for herself.  She has said that she wants to read and get to know all the beliefs so that she can find out what is really true and decide to believe for herself.  She watched at least 3 versions of the Jesus film, and watched many of them twice before returning them to me.  Another one of my believing friends shared some of her testimony with her and has invited E to attend church with her.  E actually did go with her to church, and for most of the rest of the day afterward.

This is the first time I have experienced this level of curiosity, open-mindedness, and truth-seeking.  Most of the time just finding someone willing to admit that you choose what you believe is a miracle.  E also shared with me a dream that she had when she was very young but she still remembers.  She said that she walked outside and saw a bunch of very covered people, but looking closer she realized that they weren’t Muslims but more like nuns.  She sat and was talking to them and felt like she belonged, or at least didn’t feel like an outsider.

Please pray that the Holy Spirit opens her eyes and claims her heart as His own.


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