In continuation of the story of Zane* and Bruce*….

Recently, we had another amazing gathering of believers in our city. Cousins *Zane and *Bruce came again with their third cousin, *Jake. That morning’s message came from Matthew 10:16-23, where Jesus predicted persecution.

Additionally, another Kurdish believer, *Frank’s daughter, shared a wonderful testimony about what she learned at youth camp. She also shared about a recent encounter where she proclaimed the gospel to someone!

A short time after the service, Jake and another man visiting our group for the first time confessed Jesus and Savior and Lord! We are marveling at what God is doing and are attempting to hang on for the ride!

In keeping with the message on persecution that day, Frank called our teammate that night and said he had problems with his neighbor, who is also his landlord. Frank and his family have been confronted for their faith and can no longer stay in their home. They came to stay at our teammate’s apartment and began looking for a new place to live.

Frank’s situation is a perfect example of the work here: one day Frank is as proud as a peacock listening to his daughter’s testimony, and the next day he is told he can no longer live in his home because he is a believer. Please pray for God to keep moving, for us to lead with wisdom and for them to respond well to persecution.

*NOTE: Names changed for security reasons.


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